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I make use of inhome housing as well as an exteriour living space. The ladies have their domain indoors, the gents are outside. Both have their run-time and playground indoors as well as outdoors.

All our adult ferrets are housed individual and have separed playtime, although a short playtime together could happen in case of a good match. 

Interior cages

The ladies are living in a two store ferret Nation cage each, with or without an underneath cabinet and "cave drawer". They are also having totally seperated playtime and daily love and care. In general they have about 6-8 hours free time daily; some 24 hours. Their cages are spread throughout our house, providing them quiet places without artificial light and if possible without heating. In this way we try to mimic their natural need of individual territory as much as possible. 

Their FN cages are furnished with all kind of cosy hide outs and other needed material. Each cage has at least one wooden box, either functioning as a sleeping place or as a prey box to eat in. Whatever they choose themselves. Cages are covered with a thick fabric, to give them even more the feeling of a safe hide out.

Within time all FN cages will get a cabinet underneath, equipped with two drawers; one as bedding storage, the other as a "cave drawer" with a pass true to the rest of the cage. As a natural as possible mimic of an underground den. Our experiences are that the cave is within no time, their most favorite place to be. During summer easy to keep cool and in winter cosy and warm.

The cabinets we make ourself from high class material and are laminated with a few layers of epoxy component, to make a durable and hygienic space.

Outdoor cages

Our outdoor cages are home made from first class material. A three store cage, double layers of wood and insulated. Off course also provided with a prey/ sleeping space and a "man cave" down under. These cages are strong and heavy enough to house (hybrid) males in rut and keeps them safe from harsh weather. Obviously they also have warm and cosy sleeping places all over the cage.

The outdoor cages are set up in our Ferret Yard. An all around closed playground, in which they can play freely 24 hours a day.

The ferret yard is containing a stone tile layer in concrete of which they can't dig themselves out, a shallow pond with waterfall, playsand, dig garden with non poisonous plants, lots of tubes, a small lawn, wooden logs and tree trunks with holes, sleeping boxes, iglo with straw and all kind of other ferret toys, which are exchanged all the time. We also add seasonal natural playmaterial like dried leaves, snow or extra water, flowerbeds in a box or river pebbles.

Being under our supervision the ferrets are also allowed to play in the garden with us. The garden is ferret safe, but not completely escape proof, as it isn't covered.