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Pedigree name:

Milkyway's Miracle Lone Survivor

Date of birth:



Dark sable




2050 g (first winter)

Miracle is a hybride (x polecat) 65%, of which 43% wild. I can handle him well and he accepts known members of the family around him. His behaviour is like the wild polecat. He decides whatever is done, how it's done and when and how it will end. Shy but inquisitive, not bold but brave when confident. Very playful, strong, fast and smart. Puzzles out problems and strategies. Despite his wild part, he enjoys our company and asks for attention and shared play, out- and indoors. Every now and than he loves to be on my lap and have a good body scratch. This special little man is having a life in the way of what  he is; a part wild animal. His choices are respected, nothing is done with force or obligation and he can live like he chooses within the possablilities of a captured environment. He decides himself if he wants our company or not and is currently having around 16 hours of free time a day. I spend a lot of time with the stimulation of his intelligence, either by introducing enrichment in a natural way, or with the clicker training. After a short break, we are soon to pick up the clicker training again under guidance of a proffessional.